Care Instructions:


-       Labels should be applied within a week of receiving the order.

-       Luxe Labels will not be responsible for any mishaps during your application process.

-       On the odd occasion vinyl may not adhere to particular surfaces.

-       Vinyl isn’t the best to work with in very hot or very cold conditions, take care if you are.

-       Hand wash ONLY



Application Instructions:


-       Ensure the surface is completely clean and dry before attempting to adhere vinyl (DON’T use chemicals)

-       Using a Eftpos card press down from left to right or right to left on the vinyl

-       Then remove the backing from the vinyl, ensuing that the vinyl remains in place on the backing, do take care whilst doing this process.

-       Once the backing is removed, place onto desired surface. Again, using your eftpos card push /rub the vinyl from left to right firmly removing any air/bubbles from the vinyl.

-       Next start by peeling back one of the corners, peel gently to expose the vinyl. This can be fiddly.

-       If the letters start to lift at any point push the vinyl back down to the backing paper and reapply pressure from the eftpos card and attempt the last step again.


TA DA!!! Your labels are complete!!!!