Customised Herb & Spice Labels

  • Customised Herb & Spice Labels

Premium customised labels for all of your organising needs.

Vinyl Herb & Spice Jar Labels
Height: 1.2cm - 1.4cms
Length: depends on your wording.

Please Note;
- Due to the custom nature, these take approx. 2 weeks to produce
- Labels should be used within one week of receiving them for best results
- 1 label is one name, you can have a maximum of 3 words
- Please type your labels in the note section and font choice, if font choice isn’t listed we will default to font 11
- Due to the customised nature of the labels, there will be no refund or exchange
- Labels will not withstand heat, therefore cannot be microwaved or be placed in the dishwasher.